Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Moving Along

We received our contract last week, and spoke with the lawyer yesterday. The contract is pretty basic and covers everything we needed/wanted it to. Basically any future relationship we have with our donor is up to us. The contract gives us the ability to contact her, meet her, continue contact with her, etc. but it also protects us from her ability to have any sort of parental rights to a future child or embryo made with her eggs. One thing I thought was interesting is our first meeting (if we choose to meet) has to be arranged through SDFC. So after egg retrieval, I can't simply request to be her friend on Facebook and continue from there. SDFC has to do the arranging, and the lawyer even mentioned that they may want an official meeting with a psychologist to discuss everything. I actually kind of like that idea. To be honest, I haven't completely decided if I want to meet her or not. I may just want to keep it a strictly emailing/Christmas carding kind of relationship. I just don't know.

But anyway, now the contract goes to her for her to review with her lawyer. Once that's done, assuming nobody has any problems with anything, we can sign off on it and get the green light to move forward with the cycle. The lawyer said that she expects that to happen by next week.

I'm freaking out that our donor is going to back out when she reads the contract. Or maybe something else will happen and she backs out. I'm trying to trust her. It's hard to put trust in someone you've never met before though. I guess that's what faith is all about. I'm just praying that she finds peace in her decision to donate her eggs. Because if she backs out, we're back at square one. Please, angel donor, don't back out on us!

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