Saturday, February 25, 2012


Sorry these pictures aren't the best quality, they were taken with my phone. But here is a glimpse at our nursery.

I made the window treatments. The valences have little birds on them and the curtains have tiny pink polka dots.

The crib with the birds I made hanging above. Sorry for the glare from the light!

Changing table with covered bulletin board. It is covered with the same polka dot fabric as the curtains. We will use the bulletin board to put pictures of family, and also important information like doctor's number and feeding schedules, etc. (I'm a bit of an organizational freak sometimes)

Book shelf. I lined the back of each shelf with contact paper to add some color. I found the birdhouses at hobby lobby for $3 a piece and couldn't resist!

Another view of one of the windows.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

38 weeks 4 days

Just a quick update. I went to my weekly appointment today and was slightly disappointed to find out that there hasn't been any change. The doctor said that I had started to dilate a little bit, but not even 1cm. The baby is still pretty high and has not become engaged. He said this is the week to do lots of walking and try to get things moving on their own. If there isn't any progress by my appointment next week, he said we will start discussing inducing me. Oh well! We all knew this baby would be stubborn! I know she will come when she's ready and to be quite honest, I'm okay with waiting a little bit longer. As much as I can't wait to meet her, I'm also trying to soak in as much of this pregnancy as I can. I feel like it has gone by way too fast and I'm going to miss having her inside me. Also, I need to give R as much time as possible to get his thesis finished so he can be around more after she's born. The thesis probably won't be completely finished, but the more he gets done before the birth the better! Now by the time 40 weeks rolls around I'll be a little more anxious just because I'd rather not have a 10lb baby!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

This is a test...

Just for kicks and to test my tech support skills, here's a picture of my swollen feet from several weeks ago. They have actually gotten worse since then, if you can believe it!

And here's a bump picture from this week...

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37 weeks!

So apparently my blogging AP has decided not to work anymore because I have posted, but it did not publish to the blog. Ugh! So sorry!

Anyway, I am now officially full term! What?!?! This baby could come any day now, which is really exciting and really scary at the same time. I am going to my appointments weekly now and the doctor has been performing pelvic exams. So far I haven't had any dilation, but the baby is head down (yea!) and last Monday she was at +2 station, so still pretty high. I definitely feel like she has dropped even lower this week though, but I guess we'll see on Monday at our next appointment.

Things are starting to get pretty uncomfortable. I am retaining a LOT of fluid. By the end of each day my feet and ankles are so swollen I can barely walk, and my hands can no longer make a fist, which makes opening things fairly difficult. Heck, just getting in and out of my car proves to be difficult these days!

I am also EXHAUSTED lately. I seriously feel like I could sleep all day long, but then again sleeping is quite impossible, too. Just about the time I get into a nice deep sleep, I wake up with horrific pains in either my hips, back, name it!

I hate to sound like I'm complaining constantly. I really am still so happy and I still love being pregnant. Let's just say I'm also ready to meet this sweet baby girl and lose some of this fluid! I realize the sleeping thing is something that I won't experience for quite a long time, but at least when I do sleep I'll be able to get somewhat comfortable!

The nursery should be finished by the end of this weekend, so I will post pictures next time...assuming my ipad will let me. I'll have to do some investigation with this ap between now and then.

Only 20 more days until my due date...assuming I make it that long!