Thursday, May 5, 2011

Getting Nervous

As the time gets closer, I am getting more and more nervous about starting this whole process again. I'm excited, don't get me wrong, but I am dreading the effects on my body. I am especially not excited about starting the birth control in a few days. For some reason, that part is always the worst to me. It's hormonal effects are always so much worse than the shots. Of course this time I will be on so many hormones that I may be inserting my foot into my mouth pretty soon! I'm not excited about the weight gain, or the acne, or the bruises from the needles. But, I know it is all worth it - we hope!

I am excited about going to Denver in the spring time. Every time I've been it has been beautiful weather, but a little chilly. I'm excited about getting outdoors and enjoying the scenery more!

Anyway, I expect things to start here any day! My body is telling me that AF (aunt flow) is on her way. I just hope that she holds off until Sunday so that I don't have to change flights!

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  1. I hear ya! I'm super nervous about starting too. I'm trying to be more hopeful than nervous, but it's tough!