Wednesday, May 25, 2011

We got the "go ahead"

I went in for my suppression check yesterday morning. I ended up going to the doctor here in Baton Rouge - the one that I don't like - because I couldn't take off time from work to go to my beloved doctor in Jackson. It's our last week of school and I couldn't bare to leave my kids with a sub on one of our last days. The whole time we were in the ultra sound room I was telling R that I wished we were at Dr. Isaacs. The people were just so rude to us yesterday. I know they have no reason to be nice - it's not like we have built a relationship or anything, nor are we giving them our money for IVF (although they did get close to $500 from us yesterday for the ultra sound and blood work - unbelievable!) There just wasn't any sort of compassion. Dr. W just came in, stuck the ultra sound wand in, said something like "there's your left ovary, there's your right ovary, there's your uterus. We'll send the results off. Now go get the blood work." He didn't even shake my hand when he came in - isn't that normal protocol for doctors? He didn't look me in the eye, didn't say hello, nothing. Maybe I'm just being oversensitive right just validated for me that I'm glad I never went back to him. It was worth driving the 2.5 hours 4 times a week when I cycled with Dr. Isaacs.

Anyway, I got the call from CCRM around 2:00 yesterday afternoon and they said everything looks good! All of my hormone levels are where they're supposed to be and they didn't see any cysts. So we're all set to start lupron and saizen tomorrow and then add the stim meds (menopur and gonal f) on Saturday.

I'm getting all geared up for the trip. R is going to get me an iPad today since I have to give up my work laptop tomorrow. That way I can have something to watch movies on and update my blog on of course! :)


  1. Great news! Glad everything is coming together!

  2. I can't believe that doctor! That is just ridiculous, not even basic manners! Whatever... I'm so glad you got the green light Becca, the iPad sounds like the perfect thing! So jealous!

  3. I totally know what you mean... when I went to my old RE place they treated me the same way. My regular Dr. transferred. So happy you get to move forward how exciting!