Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And Here We Go!

Well my period started this morning - two days late...ugh! I was so nervous that it was going to start all last week. If it had started early it would have been terrible because it would have meant me missing some of my last week of school. So the good news is that won't be happening! The bad news is that I will probably end up needing to change my flight home from Denver. Oh well. I'll probably just get a voucher from Southwest and use the flights later for R and I to go on a couple trip during labor day or something. We deserve it! =)

So now I start birth control on Thursday - yuck! And then 14 days after that is when all the fun begins! I got my meds a few days ago and let me tell you - it is a lot! I am going to be on double the amount of meds that I've ever been on before and that's scary. When I have a chance I'll take pictures of it all and post it on here. All of my friends who have done some sort of fertility treatment with injections tell me to take pictures each time so that you can always remember what you went through to get your baby. Not that I think I'll ever forget!