Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bathrooms and parking lots

I titled this post "bathrooms and parking lots" because those are two places that I have had to give myself my shots this weekend. My mom and my aunt came to visit this weekend, which meant we were out and about all day every day. On Friday night we had reservations to eat and take the mystery tour at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville - a supposedly haunted plantation in Louisiana (you may have seen it on an episode of Ghost Hunters). Anyway, my shots have to be given every twelve hours and at the same time every day. So since I give my shots at 8:00 each am and pm, that meant that I had to load up my meds and needles into an ice chest (some of them have to be refrigerated) and take them with me. When our tour was over it was 8:00, so I slipped my meds into my purse and went into the bathroom stall to give them to myself. Needless to say, I felt like a complete druggie! I just kept imagining that someone would come into the bathroom and se me sitting on the toilet seat sticking a needle into my thigh! I was cracking up the entire time!

Then last night, we had to go to a wedding in downtown Baton Rouge so again I loaded my meds into an ice chest and in the middle of the reception I had to go out to the car (by the way we were parked in my church parking lot and keep in mind the school where I teach is connected to my church) and I gave my shots while cop cars were driving past. It was actually quite terrifying! I wasn't sure if they would believe my story! Luckily, we didn't run into any problems except for the shot last night made me bleed and I forgot to take bandaids along so I was worried I would walk back into the wedding reception with a big blood stain on my dress. But luckily, all was well!

The kicker is going to be when I have to give my shots in the airplane bathroom! Now that's going to be interesting!

I'm leaving in two days! I can't believe it. I'm just so ready for that first ultra sound to see if anything is happening in there. I'm getting really nervous but trying to stay calm by listening to my IVF meditation CD. By the way, for those of you doing IVF I strongly recommend downloading the cd from circle and bloom's website. They have a different mediation for each part of the cycle and it is oh so relaxing. I listen it every night and it practically hypnotizes me!

By the way, sorry for any typos. This is my first post on my iPad and I'm not completely used to the keyboard. Plus it tends to autocorrect when it's not necessary!

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