Monday, May 30, 2011

Freaking out

Ok so I feel like a huge idiot. I almost didn't even post about this because I feel so stupid for doing this. So among all of my medications that were shipped to me, I had about four bottles of meds in pill form. On my calendar it says to start taking dexamethasone each night starting on Thursday when I started my shots. Well, I did not see the dexamethasone bottle but I did see the doxycycline, which I have taken with every other cycle so I assumed that's what I was supposed to take. Well, today as I was packing up my meds for the plane I found the dexamethasone. So for four days I have been taking something I wasn't supposed to and not taking something I was supposed to. I immediately called the nurse, but since it's memorial day they don't have as much staff working and it may be a while before I get a call back. I sure hope they call soon because I am freaking out! What if I totally screwed this whole thing up? What if they tell me that I have to stop everything now and start again next month? I don't think that's going to happen but you never know! I just wish they would call me back soon. Ugh I am such an idiot!,,

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  1. Oh no Becca! That is such an easy mistake to make. I hope they call you soon, did you try e-mailing too? My nurse replied to me even on Sundays. Remember, even on holidays there are people there, I would e-mail, you'll get an answer quicker than by phone.

  2. How scary! I hope you get a reply soon and that it doesn't impact your cycle.

  3. What happened Becca? What did they say?