Thursday, April 28, 2011

Houses, Jobs, IVF, Oh My!

Things are starting to happen - which is good, but now the stress of it all is really starting to sink in. Here are some things that have been going on the past several days.

1. I have a job! Last week was our Spring Break and so I went to Jackson for several days. During that time I talked to the director of the preschool at St. James (where I went to church growing up). Other job opportunities had fallen through due to budget cuts, etc so I was in a place of complete desperation. I never thought I would have such a hard time finding a job in Jackson, MS. I mean I've already taught there and I know people - isn't that what it takes? Sadly though there just weren't any positions to be had. So I went and talked with this woman, not trying to get my hopes up. She basically offered me a job on the spot, and after talking it over with R I snatched it up. It's going to be weird working in a preschool. Younger kids, less structure, no papers to grade or lesson plans to write - NO PAPERS TO GRADE OR LESSON PLANS TO WRITE! What?!?! That part is going to be awesome. Plus, it's a half day program so I can spend the other part of my day tutoring to make extra money and taking care of everything else going on (hopefully my pregnancy).

2. Our house is on the market! We still have some things to get done on it - painting, replacing cabinet hardware, cutting limbs in trees, etc. But it is on the market and that's a step in the right direction. We have an open house next week so now the pressure is on to get all of those things completed. I spent my night last night (after being away from the house for 11 hours that day) painting bathroom cabinets. Oh the fun!

3. We may have a house in Jackson! We met this couple (through my mom) who are moving to VA in June. Their house is on the market, but they are taking it off the market April 30. If it doesn't sell, they are going to rent it to us. So hopefully it won't sell in the next 2 days because the house is amazing! It's huge and in a great area. We are very excited!

4. We're getting geared up for Denver! With everything else going on it's easy to forget that oh yeah - we have an IVF coming up! I booked my plane tickets yesterday. I have entered all travel information to the right for anyone who may be going to CCRM and may want the info. Below is the schedule of when I'm going and who will be with me during each part of the trip. I think my family is using this whole process as an opportunity to visit Denver. But hey, can you blame them? If anyone else wants to come out, you're more than welcome!

May 31 - I will travel to Denver. My sister in law, Jordan, and my nephew, Miles, will fly to Denver from NYC.
June 3 - My brother, Jim, will fly from NYC to spend the weekend with us.
June 7 - R will fly out to be there for egg retrieval and Jim, Jordan, and Miles will leave.
June 16 - R and I will fly home

Of course all of this could change. If my next period doesn't start when it's supposed to, it will change everything. If egg retrieval ends up being later, then we'll obviously come home later. Hopefully everything will happen the way it's supposed to so I don't have to go back and rebook anything.


  1. Just thought I'd say 'hi' Becca! I just recently started following your blog. Looks like we may be in Denver the same time for retrieval (of course all dependent on AF!!). Just wishing you lots of luck!

  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for following! I'll start following your blog as well! Good luck to you and maybe I'll run into you in June!