Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ultrasound 5 - cycle day 14

My ultrasound this morning showed seven follies still growing strong! They all measured between 17 and 21mm. Julie called a while ago and told me to do 150iu of gonal f (half of my normal dose), my normal 20iu Lupron and my dexamethasone. Then I do my trigger shot tonight at 12:30 (set the alarm!) and I'll have egg retrieval Friday morning at 11:30. I'm starting to get really excited and of course nervous! I go in tomorrow for blood work to make sure the hcg (trigger) got into my system and did its job - something my former RE never did and one of the things that Dr. surrey said could have been the problem. Please keep those prayers coming! Thanks!

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  1. All prayers, blessings and good vibes to you! How exciting Becca!!

  2. Good luck Friday Becca! Crossing my fingers for a great retrieval for you!

  3. what wonderful news!! The prayers are flowing!! We love you!!!