Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ultrasound 4 - cycle day 13

I'm sorry it took me so long to post about yesterday's ultrasound. The hubs got to Denver yesterday so most of the afternoon was spent hanging out with him.

The ultrasound yesterday still showed seven growing follicles. I had four that were at 15mm, one at 16mm, and two at 18mm. Julie (my nurse) said they want them to be at 20. My estrodiol level yesterday was 1,162 up from 875 on Sunday. It's still not high, but at least it has made to the 1,000 mark! Julie said that the ultrasound today will tell us more when egg retrieval will be. I'll other trigger tonight for an egg retrieval on Friday or I'll trigger tomorrow for an egg retrieval on Saturday. Part of me hopes it's on Friday to get it here and over with and also because then I won't have to worry about changing flights. But another part wants it to be n Saturday to give these little follies a chance to catch up. Of course, I'll do whatever the doctor thinks - he is the expert after all!

Something else exciting happened yesterday. When I was having my ultrasound, the tech told me that there was a high profile patient coming in that day and they were all kind of freaking out because she was bringing her camera crew with her and generally Dr. Schoolcraft doesn't allow any cameras. I asked her if it was Guiliana Rancic because I watch her show about her struggles with IVF and the tech nodded her head. Of course the rest of my time at the clinic yesterday I was turning my head constantly to try to see her. I love her and would have loved to see her. I usually don't get into celebrity sightings, but I somehow feel a connection to her. She is so open and real about her struggles with fertility and I give her huge props for being so open about it to the world. That has to be hard! Anyway, I never saw her but I can't wait to see watch her next season and recognize ccrm!

My next appointment is at 11:00 today (mountain time). I think R will be working on his thesis all day today so I'm sure I'll have plenty of time to update the blog after the appointment!

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  1. I really like Giuliana too, as I replied on FF, I e-mailed her about CCRM because I like her so much. I agree with you that has to be so hard to open up in front of the world. I have a hard time opening up myself in my little circle because of the weird comments and judgement you get sometimes. So cool! Maybe you'll see her still.
    I know you want to retrieve on Friday but if it's Saturday, I may get to meet you! I will be arriving next Thursday. You will stay until transfer, right?