Monday, June 13, 2011

Transfer day!

Well I am back from my transfer and officially on bed rest! It was a very long morning because we were expecting a phone call from the embryologist but we didn't actually get a report until about 15 minutes before transfer. Oh well!

So today we had two great looking 9 cell embryos and the other three were still growing but only at 4 cells. they like to see them between 6 and 10 cells at day three so they were pretty pleased with the two 9 cells. In fact, when the embryologist came in and showed the embryos on the screen the doctor was impressed with the amount of progress he had seen in them since this morning. He said that the cells were all starting to merge which is a good sign. I don't know how they classify these embies according to the 1-5 scale such as 5a, 4a etc so if anyone has some insight let me know!

Anyway, we're pretty happy. They're going to keep watching the other three embies over the next three days and let us know if they're good enough to freeze.

By the way, I did do acupuncture before and after transfer and for those of you on the fence about doing it I strongly recommend it. It definitely helped me relax. In fact, I fell asleep during the session after transfer. It was very calming!

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  1. Great news Becca! Sounds like your embies are doing great.