Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First ultrasound

I had my first ultrasound this morning and so far so good. I had three follicles on the left all measuring about 10mm and then two smaller ones at 8 and 9 mm. I had two follicles on the right measuring 10 and 12 mm. For me, this is pretty good. I think my nurse was expecting me to start crying but I told her that this is the best I've ver done. At this point in my last IVF cycle I had 8 follicles all under 10 mm. So to have five that are countable, I'm pretty pleased. I would love it if those smaller ones catch up and they all keep growing, but we'll just have to see. Now it's just a matter of waiting for the call to see if I need to change my dosages at all. I go in for my IVF physical tomorrow and another ultrasound.

In the meantime, we're going to go to the ikea that is right across the street from the hotel, and then drive over to Boulder for the day. It should be good times!

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  1. Rebecca,

    Kacey sent me a link to your blog. I will be eagerly following your progress and praying for a successful outcome. I've been in your shoes and know well the roller coaster of emotions you are experiencing. You seem to be approaching the situation with a mix of pragmatism, optimism, and perhaps most importantly humor! Your support system is strong which is critical. Stay strong and very best wishes. XO. Charlee

    PS - I did acupuncture at CCRM before and after transfer. Strongly believe in this.
    PPS - If you have the luxury of choosing how many to transfer, think it out beforehand and not in the transfer room, with your legs up, high on Valium.
    PPPS - the AM of my transfer mine were graded 3BB and barely 1. Try not to obsess about that part.
    PPS -

  2. One last thing - the best two pieces of advice throughout my long IVF ordeal were #1 Go to the very best lab in the country and #2 you WILL have the children you were MEANT to have whenever and however they come to you.

  3. Thanks, charlee! I'm so glad kacey gave you the link to my blog!

  4. You are doing awesome Becca!! Great news!! Enjoy Boulder!

  5. That's great that your response is your best yet! Exciting!!!