Thursday, January 19, 2017

Counseling Session

We had our counseling session yesterday with our priest. It went really well and was much less awkward than I expected it to be. He kind of already knew that we were on this path, but he asked a lot of questions about how we got here (donor eggs) and how we have dealt with that decision. And then we talked about a lot of other stuff completely unrelated. It was very positive and I am so glad to know that I have that continued support system through him. That's why I liked the idea of going to him instead of a phone call with some therapist that I'll never meet. I like the idea of having him as a part of our journey. I've always been strong in my faith, but never extremely religious. And I like this priest because he's bit like that, too. He isn't too pushy, but he does love tradition (I'm Episcopalian, by the way). I just left the session feeling very embraced and loved.

Today is my sonohysterogram. I'll post later about how it goes. By the way, I'm interested to know - is anyone even reading this? Comment below if you are.

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