Monday, January 23, 2017


I had my sonohysterogram last Thursday and all looked good. Whew! It was good and weird to see Dr. Isaacs again. I felt a little awkward because we aren't using his clinic for the cycle, but I'm sure that's all in my head and he understands. But there are no polyps and the uteran lining looked great. And it wasn't nearly as painful or uncomfortable as I remembered! I even asked him if he was sure he put the saline in because I seriously did not feel a thing. I was nervous because they suggest you take 2 Ibprofin before your appointment, and as I was driving to Jackson I realized I forgot to take some with me. I thought about stopping at a store and getting some, but then decided that nah, I'd be able to handle a little pain. Well, there was no pain! Yay!

Ryan and I talked last night and we're going to see if we can move transfer up a few months. I just don't want to wait until June. So we're going to see if we can do it either during my spring break at the end of March, or during Easter break in April. I'm hoping for March because 1. it's sooner, 2. it would mean a November baby instead of a Christmas baby, and 3. it wouldn't interfere with Anadin's Easter. But I'm afraid the end of March will be pushing it time-wise. All of our tests are complete. Ryan did his blood work today so we just have to wait for those results, which should take a few days. And then we're waiting to get word back from the loan company. As soon as they can send the money to the clinic, our donor can start the cycle. So if that happens soon enough, then March could work. Fingers crossed!

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