Thursday, February 11, 2016

San Diego Fertility Center

Just after I wrote my last blog post, I contacted both of the clinics I mentioned - San Diego Fertility Center and Dallas Fort Worth Fertility Associates. I went to their websites and filled out their online inquiry forms. No lie, 30 minutes after filling out the form for SDFC, I heard back from the donor egg coordinator there. I was pretty impressed by that (I still haven't heard back from Dallas - I may put a call in this afternoon). The email the coordinator sent me was so nice and informative. She attached all the forms that would be necessary to become a patient and switch my medical records over from CCRM. She also gave me some price points for donor egg cycles out there. And, most importantly, she gave me access to the donor database. Y'all, their database is so much bigger! You can search for certain qualifications - hair color, eye color, etc. (it feels a bit like online dating). I did a search for Caucasians with blue eyes and there were 12! TWELVE! I know that may not seem like a lot to choose from, but compared to the 7 total donors (only 2 Caucasians) on CCRM's list, I was quite impressed. I read through a few profiles, but didn't do a whole lot of digging just yet.

As for the pricing, it is much cheaper than CCRM - although still very expensive. The baseline price for a donor egg cycle seems very reasonable ($18,700) at first glance, but then there are a lot of costs not included in that. For example, compensation for an anonymous donor is $5,000-$10,000. It also doesn't include the cost of the meds - injections for the donor, progesterone for me, etc. - which ranges $4,000-$6,000. So we're really looking at about $27,000 for one donor egg cycles at SDFC. It's still much cheaper than CCRM, but it's also still a lot of money! They have other guarantee plans, like I mentioned in my last post. For $26,278 you can have all the transfers from a batch of embryos necessary to get your pregnant or your money back. The only downside to that plan is they require you to transfer 2 embryos. Ryan is pretty adamant about not having twins. I personally would be okay with twins, but I totally support and understand not wanting it! Two would be very hard (you moms of twins amaze me)!

Anyway, we still need to talk to Dallas and see what they are all about. And then we need to start figuring out how to get all of this money. We are both a little overwhelmed with the idea and pretty stressed about it, to be honest. I can feel the tension between us and it kills me. I'm going to research grants and things, but I'm concerned people will be less willing to help since we already have a child.


  1. Sounds like you are doing your due diligence. I can't believe they make you transfer 2, maybe they can back down on that. You have lots of hard decisions to make- hope that you get some clarity soon.