Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Go Fund Me

I have started a go fund me account. I really hate that it has come to this, but I'm desperately trying to figure out ways to pay for all of this. I'm posting it here mainly to see if the link works and to get advice on what y'all think of it. I'm not quite ready to put in on Facebook yet. I know eventually it will have to be done, but I need to warn some people about that first (like my mom!) Let me know what you think. Seriously, criticism welcomed!


  1. I loved playing with baby dolls when I was a little girl too. That is sweet that you married your childhood sweetheart - yall are really cute together. I think your plea is heartfelt - I hope your friends and family can help you out. You are very brave to put your story out there but I think people will really respond. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! My husband really wants to do some sort of cheesy (maybe funny) video, too. That could be fun. Why not have some fun with it, right?

  2. Yes - it helps to have a sense of humor about it all!