Friday, December 4, 2015

Phone Consultation

Well, we talked to Dr. Surrey last night and it went as expected. We didn't get a whole lot of information because we can't really get that information until we have tests done. The good news is (I guess it's good news) he wants me to go ahead and have blood work done here to determine my hormone levels before we travel all the way out to Colorado. He said last time my FSH levels were normal, but my AMH levels were low. He assumes my levels have gotten worse (obviously), but we just don't know how much worse. So he wants to figure that out first before we travel for more tests. The way he put it was if he has to give us bad news, he'd rather do it over the phone than making us travel to hear it. That makes sense to me and I'm glad for that. It's just that he kind of made it pretty clear that he doesn't expect my levels to be that great, and the chance of bad news is pretty likely. However, I have to remember that when we first went to Colorado for a one day work up, we were going for a donor egg one day work up. Then after they did some of these tests, we got the news that we would be able to try with my own eggs. So I guess I'm just praying for a miracle at this point. And I'm glad for a doctor that doesn't give me false hope.

The nurse is supposed to call me to give me the directions for getting the blood work done. I have to do it on Cycle Days 2-4, which will probably fall sometime around next weekend. I'm assuming they'll send me a container, I'll take it to a lab, get my blood work done, freeze it in my freezer, then send it back to CCRM. So hopefully that means I'll be getting the results in less than 2 weeks. Now that we've started, I'm ready to get the show on the road...or at least know the plans ahead of me. It's still easier this time around though. I have plenty of things to distract me, and for her I'll be forever grateful!

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