Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Test results

I received some of my results from the day 3 blood work. We're still waiting on the AMH levels, which will indicate my egg quantity - the reserve that I have left. The results that we do have we're given over a voicemail, so I really don't have any further information other than what Julie the nurse gave me on the message. We have a follow up phone consult with Dr. Surrey tomorrow, so we'll get the AMH level and more info about what all this means.  So, what we do know... my estradiol level looks normal. I'm not really sure what that tells us, but I like the word "normal". My FSH level, which indicates egg quality, is high. She said the top of normal range is 10 and mine is 14.4. NOT GOOD! Again, I don't really know anything further than that information, and there may be something more to it, but from where I'm sitting with the information given to me so far, things aren't looking real good. Ryan had been pretty silent through this whole process so far, so I don't really know what he's thinking. I guess I've been the same way. We don't really have the time to talk about our feelings regarding IVF like we did before Anadine. Ha! I think we're both waiting for the final declaration of "we can't do this with your eggs" before we start discussing other options. I guess we'll know more tomorrow. I'll be sure to post then.

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