Wednesday, January 20, 2016


I mean, why is it that when I need my body to actually behave it doesn't? I just started my flippin' period! It's been 16 days since I last started. I wasn't due to start again for another 8 days or so. WTF?!?! So what this means...I'm going to assume nothing right now. CCRM says they want you there between days 4-15 for your work up. This will put me out there on day 17. I'm guessing they want it done during the first part of your cycle just in case you're pregnant. Since that is impossible for me, I'm going to assume it will be okay. I'll put a call in to the nurse to make sure though. Please be okay! I've already booked flights, car rental, and hotel. Not to mention I've found a sub for my class for the two days I'll be out. UGH UGH UGH!! Fingers crossed they don't want me to change it. Or even better, maybe this is just spotting due to ovulation (even though that's never happened to me, and I have cramps, and it's very much like a normal period for me). Sorry if all of this is TMI, I'm just so mad at my body right now!

I called CCRM and told the nurse what was going on. She said that they could reschedule me for Feb. 2, but it would have to be done by a different doctor. She said she'd have to get that signed off with Dr. Surrey and she'd let me know. I asked her if the reason for the day restrictions were to make sure I wasn't pregnant, and explained that my tubes are tied and deformed, meaning I absolutely can't get pregnant. She didn't really give me an answer, but told me she'd check with Dr. Surrey on all of that. So I had about 45 minutes of freaking out, calling Ryan and crying, panicking about the flight change restrictions, etc. and then she called back. She said we can keep it for the 5th. (*giant sigh of relief!) She said that the one stipulation is that I don't have unprotected intercourse for that cycle. (HUH?) I asked if that's true even if my tubes are tied, yada yada yada, and she said yes. So now, how to explain this to the hubby?? I kind of want to call her bluff on that one. I mean, I feel like she's just repeating what she's been told without thinking it through. Thoughts?

I'm also still kind of hoping that this is some weird fluke and I'll stop bleeding by the end of the day. Then I can just chalk it up to ovulation, increased exercise, and stress.  Don't think I don't find the irony in the fact that I was just complaining about playing the waiting game with nothing to do or think about!

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