Thursday, January 7, 2016

One Day Work Up Scheduled

I finally talked to the nurse yesterday and scheduled our one day work up for February 5th. We'll fly out there the day before and stay through the weekend. I'm really excited to have this time with Ryan out there because I feel like he missed out so much on the Colorado experience before. When we went to our egg retrieval 4 years ago, we flew out there Thursday night, ODWU on Friday, and flew out Saturday morning. I got a lot of tourist time when I was out there for the IVF cycle, but he only got to come out for the egg retrieval and bed rest part of it. So it will be nice to have a full day to just piddle around. Plus, now that we have Anadine, it's extra nice to get that time away with each other. She'll stay with my mom in Jackson while we go out there. AND there's an IKEA out there now that wasn't there before. Fun fun! So, I guess until then there won't be much news to post. But I'm getting excited to get some real answers and know what our next steps are.

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