Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My miracle baby is 4!

She was so excited about the princess dress she got. 
Our little miracle celebrated her 4th birthday on Sunday. I can't believe how quickly the last 4 years have flown by. All day yesterday (leap day) I kept thinking about how close she was to being a leap year baby. I imagine I'll think about that every four years!

She insisted on wearing her "birthday hat" headband. It's really a St. Patrick's day headband that we got for an upcoming pep rally at school, but who's going to argue with the birthday girl? I thought it was a great idea! It fit perfectly with her newest fashion must have: a bun with a headband (it's how Cinderella wears her hair). 

As we sang "Happy Birthday" she waited patiently to blow out her candle.

To celebrate on her birthday we went to visit family in Mississippi (mainly grandparents). We ate lunch at one of her favorite places - a cute little soda fountain restaurant in the heart of Jackson. If you've ever seen the movie "The Help" you've probably seen it. She enjoyed a lunch of pancakes, birthday cake, and a milkshake. We were definitely sugared up, but hey, it was her birthday!

Anyway, we had a great time and I (as I always do) got teary when we started singing "Happy Birthday" to her. It never fails! I can't help but remember how much we all prayed for this baby girl and how much she is loved by so many.

Yesterday, she got to celebrate at school for the first time. As a teacher, I have celebrated many a child's birthday in my classroom, so it was fun being the mommy for a change. The picture to the left is a picture of her getting ready to say the blessing - I love that she goes to an Episcopal school where this type of behavior is encouraged. I love her heart for God! She was so excited to have mommy AND daddy at school with her (she gets to see me there every day, so daddy was an extra special treat). They had cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she got her special birthday crown.

This weekend she'll have yet another celebration with her friends. We have invited 6 of her little friends from school for her official birthday party. We're having it at the children's museum here in town. She cannot wait! This is really the first time that we have had a real birthday party with kids her age. In the past it has just been family and close friends (mommy and daddy's close friends, not necessarily her's). It should be a good time. I'm a believer in celebrating your birthday week, so I supposed I'm just passing that along. ha!

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