Thursday, March 29, 2012

I can't believe how quickly this month has flown by! It really kind of makes me sad in a way. I am definitely ready to be sleeping through the night and not feeding every 2.5 hours, but my little girl is growing so fast and I feel like I can't capture it quickly enough. Every day she does something different!

She is starting to focus on things a lot lately. When I put her on her activity mat or in her bouncer or swing, she actually looks at the toys dangling above her head. A few times I've seen her start to reach out for one, but she forgets what she's doing before she accomplishes the task. She is starting to smile some. I know they say at this age it's usually just gas, but I swear to you she reacts to certain words or faces that I make and she smiles at me. It is truly addicting and I can't wait until she has more control over it and smiles all the time.

Sleeping is going pretty well. We are using Babywise and it is working really well for us. I have always known I would use this method after seeing friends of mine who use it compared to friends who don't. I am a planner. I like my routines and my schedules, so I knew that the attachment parenting, demand feeding, baby wearing style of parenting was not for me. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that style of's just not for us.

Anyway, she usually wakes up twice during the night to eat, which is right on track for her age. I'll feed her around 10:00 before I go to bed, then she'll wake up around 2:00- I feed her- and then she goes right back to sleep. Then she wakes up again around 4:30, and this tends to be the roughest part of our night. She eats, and then is ready to start her kills me! I put her in her crib and listen to her cry for about thirty minutes before she finally goes back to sleep. Then I wake her up at 7:00 because that is when I want her to wake up for when I go back to work. We are slowly making progress though and I figure in the next several weeks she'll start dropping that feeding all together. When that day comes I will be one happy mamma!

The daytime is going well and she generally sticks to a good routine. Keeping her awake during feedings is still difficult at times, but she's getting better!

I am so in love with this baby girl! She seems to be pretty happy and boy is she growing! I can't wait to take her to the doctor in a few weeks to see how much she's gained. She definitely getting little fat rolls on her legs and arms. I have a feeling she will be a chunky baby!

So for your viewing pleasure....Anadine at 1 month!

With my mom...

With my mother in law...

Getting bigger every day

My sweet girl getting sleepy

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