Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Glucose screening and a funny story

I had my glucose screening yesterday to test for gestational diabetes. I wasn't very worried about it because I don't have a family history of gestational diabetes, I have never been overweight, and I have generally been eating pretty healthily throughout the pregnancy. Well, I failed the one hour test yesterday! Ugh! My number was 171 and they want it to be less than 140. So I went back today for the three hour test (which was miserable by the way) and luckily I passed with flying colors! My level never got above 138, even in the beginning when they want it less than 180. So no gestational diabetes here! Woohoo!

Now for the funny story. The other night R and I were in the nursery fiddling with the crib bumper and bedding and talking about nursery things in general and our dogs were in there with us. Chester, our 85lb chocolate lab, was having a fit. He was pacing back and forth and whining. We assumed he was frustrated that we weren't paying him any attention, or maybe he was frustrated that he couldn't see what we were looking at inside the crib. Anyway, R said "Chester, this is where the baby is going to sleep" and with that cue Chester leapt into the crib and made himself comfortable. It was hilarious! Of course after he got settled he realized that there was no way for him to get out and looked at us very confused. R had to eventually lift him out of the crib, but not before we got pictures for the baby book.

Obviously we have a bit of a problem on our hands. Poor Chester is in for a big awakening when that little girl comes in a few months! I don't think he will be trying to jump into the crib anymore (at least I hope not) but he will have to learn that he is not the baby anymore- poor guy! Hey, at least we know the crib is sturdy!

My next appointment is in three weeks. I'll have an ultrasound then - woohoo! I'll also get my RH- shot and they will check the status of my placenta. But best of all, we get to see our little girl again. It's been too long and I can't wait to see how much she's grown! The countdown is on --99 days to go!

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  1. Hilarious!!! Poor guy - he has no idea what's coming!

  2. Haha! That is so funny! Poor Chester. I like your crib - where did you find it? Glad you passed your glucose tolerance test!!!