Saturday, September 3, 2011

New OB, Second trimester, and Sinus Infection

I apologize for not updating all of you after my first OB appointment. I have been so busy during the day and by the time I get home at night the last thing I feel like doing is pulling out my iPad and using my brain! But now it's Saturday morning and I really have no excuse.

We had our first OB appointment on August 24. I was almost 12 weeks. I love my new OB! He is outgoing, friendly, and straightforward. He is familiar with how CCRM does things (I was referred to him by a friend who delivered her CCRM/IVF twins with this doctor). The catch was that my new insurance had not kicked in yet and my old insurance had ended. So my appointment was an unofficial one - which made me love this new doctor even more. He basically said that we were going to count this appointment as a meeting for me to "check him out." At first I was really nervous because I thought that meant we may not get an ultrasound and Ryan had driven all the way from baton rouge for this appointment- I would have felt really bad if he drove 2.5+ hours to just meet a doctor. But low and behold Dr. G then said "but we'll get you in to take a sneak peak at that baby!" Woohoo! I am so glad we did because it was by far the best ultrasound yet. The baby was moving so much! He/she was flipping around, doing little dances, and waving his/her arms. It was truly amazing. Luckily he/she stayed still long enough to get some pretty amazing pictures. Here's a sample...

I personally think it's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen! :) We have another appointment with Dr. G on Tuesday now that insurance has kicked in. This is when we'll do all the official first appointment stuff - blood work, family history, etc. I'm not getting my hopes up for another ultrasound, although I do hope that they will at least listen for the heartbeat. Oh yeah, the heart rate at the last ultrasound was 153.

So now I have made it 14 weeks 3 days and I am officially in my second trimester! Unfortunately, this wonderful milestone was greeted with a monstrous sinus infection! It started with a sore throat last week and by Monday of this week I was completely miserable - I couldn't breathe, and the drainage was making me so nauseous! I finally broke down and took some benadryl Monday night and have been feeling better ever since. I was trying so hard not to put any medications into my body, but I figured baby could deal with a little benadryl better than me not breathing and sleeping! I haven't taken anything since...just using the humidifier with some Vicks in the vaporizer part (my lovely purchase from the walgreens in Lone Tree) and I'm doing a saline rinse at least twice a day.

Besides the sinus infection, I've been feeling pretty good. I'm still getting sick about every other night- last night it was eggs...not fun! Im starting to get really worried that I may be one of those people who stays sick throughout my entire pregnancy. Maybe I wished for morning sickness too much? ;) I'm hoping that the past few times have just been a side effect from the drainage. Luckily I feel pretty good during the day, it's just when I get really tired at nighttime. At least I'm able to get work done! I stepped on the scale the other day and I have gained 8lbs since pre IVF! It's hard to know what is baby/pregnancy weight and what is left over from IVF meds. Either way I'm starting to get a little baby bump although to an unknowing eye it looks like I have just had too much pizza and beer. Here's the first picture taken of the growing belly...14 weeks. Ryan is having me take them since he isn't here a lot of the time - yes, he's still working on that thesis - not a happy subject for me these days!

If you know me in the "real world" you can probably tell a difference. If you only know me in Internet land I probably look completely normal. My face is still a disgusting mess and my boobs continue to get bigger by the minute. All in all things are about the same as they have been since week 6 as far as my appearance on the outside (besides the growing belly) but on the inside I feel different every day and it is truly wonderful. I never realized how much I would actually feel in early pregnancy. All the pulls and twinges...each time I feel something I get a huge grin on my face (after of course I have a little freak out moment of "is this normal?")

So that's it for now. I promise I will try to be better about giving updates. Maybe it will become my Saturday tradition? We'll see! :)

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  1. Looking good Becca! Cute little bump and awesome ultrasound pic of your peanut! Hope that sinus infection clears up for soon.

  2. OMG that is THE best ultrasound picture. And looove the baby bump!

  3. Thanks for updating us! that is a great u/s picture! It actually looks like a baby and not an alien! hope you feel better - I had a bad cold last week and am just now getting over it. Stuff is definitely going around.

  4. That u/s pic is amazing!! I'm so happy that you and your baby are doing well!!! Sucks you're still battling m/s. Did you mom have m/s throughout her pregnancy? I've heard that can be a good predictor -- at least you'll have a sense of what you're in for.

    I hope your DH get out of BR and home to you soon!!! Keep posting these wonderful updates :)