Friday, February 25, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted anything, so there are several things to report. First of all we got some of my blood test results back. Everything was normal as far as my thyroid levels and immunities go. I have a slight vitamin D deficiency, which is easily cured with a supplement. My AMH, which determines egg quality, was 0.9. Normal for my age is 1.0-2.0 so I'm a little bit low there, but it wasn't so much that they are very concerned about it. We're still waiting to hear back about the Fragil X test to find out if I'm a carrier of the gene, and I still have to send my Cycle Day 3 blood work (I have to have it done here, freeze it, and ship it) but for that I have to wait for my next cycle to start.

In other news we have decided to proceed with the surgery to remove my tubes. After lots of battling with the clinic, it is now scheduled for March 16. I really wanted to have it done during our Mardi Gras break so that I wouldn't have to miss more work, but Dr. Surrey is going to be overseas that week. They wanted to wait until my April cycle to do it because the procedure is supposed to happen between cycle days 5-15 so that they can be sure you're not pregnant. I just didn't like that idea because that was going to end up pushing everything back. Finally they agreed to let me do it March 16 even though it won't be during the correct cycle days - they just told me I need to avoid pregnancy. (Um, no problem?!?)

So that's where we stand. My mom is going out to Denver with me this time. I think she's pretty excited about seeing the facilities and meeting the doctor. Not to mention she gets to play "mom"! We have our follow up consult with the doctor on March 11. That's when we'll review our blood test results and discuss our protocol.

In completely different news, we find out in a week if Ryan got a residency in Jackson! We are so excited about that prospect! Especially since my boss has been pretty mean about this whole ordeal. I'm ready to be out of here!

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  1. I hope the surgery goes well! thinking of you!