Thursday, October 13, 2011

20 weeks- halfway there!

I can't believe it! I am halfway through my pregnancy! It really seems to be flying by...which is exciting, scary, and actually a little sad. I absolutely can't wait to meet this little girl, but I am trying to cherish every moment of this pregnancy and that's hard to do when it flies by! I have to say, I LOVE being pregnant. If I could get pregnant easily, I probably would end up having baby after baby. Unfortunately, that's not in the cards for us and I have to remember that this may very well be my last pregnancy and that is is very sad to me. Many people have asked if we will have more children - most of whom don't know how hard it was to get this one - and my answer to them (regardless of what they know about my history) is absolutely, positively, YES. I cannot imagine having an only child. This baby girl will have a sibling, one way or another. It may be through adoption or donor eggs, but I will have more than one child in my house. But I'm just trying not to think about all that now - that keeps me from being in the moment...this wonderful, precious moment of my life.

So now for the updates of what's been going on. First of all, here's a baby bump update.

My stomach has really started to pop out over the past several weeks and people are finally starting to notice that I'm pregnant instead of just fat. When I'm wearing maternity clothes (which I'm obviously not doing in this picture) it's very noticeable that I have a baby bump!my belly button is very close to popping out and I can't wait for that to happen because I feel like that is a very definite sign of pregnancy vs. fat! Ha!

I've also started feeling honest to goodness kicks and it is wonderful! Yesterday she was having a little dance party in there and I could feel the kicks on the outside of my stomach. I was instantly obsessed and didn't want to move. I seriously sat there for 20 minutes with my hands on my belly with a huge grin on my face. Unfortunately there haven't been any dance parties today, but I'm hoping she'll give an encore performance this weekend when R gets into town. It's killing him that he hasn't felt her yet.

On that note, R is still in BR and I really have not idea when he will be finished. It's really getting hard not having I'm around, but there's not much either of us can do about it...just deal with it day by day.

So that's pretty much it. My next doctor's appointment is in two weeks, although it's supposedly going to be pretty boring. I doubt I'll even get an ultrasound unless he wants to be extra nice to me. Speaking of which, I know I promised pictures from our gender scan, but they ended up with R in baton rouge so I haven't been able to get them on my iPad. Hopefully he will bring them this weekend and I can upload them for y'all to see.

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  1. Yay! You are starting to show! I can't wait til I am at that point. That's great you are enjoying your pregnancy. 20 more weeks to go!

  2. Great belly pic!! You look fantastic - glad everything is continuing to go well!

  3. That baby girl is going to be a dancer. I just know it! :)

  4. Love the belly pic!!! And that your pregnancy is going so well! It is amazing to think you're at the halfway mark. So exciting!!!

  5. Half way there, that is very exciting! Contrats!